Ultra ThinLine Performance Enhancement for RIDERS

Even the best riders know there is always room to get closer to perfection. Are you seeking closer contact with your horse? Who doesn’t want a quieter seat? Ultra ThinLine stabilizes the rider, which creates a quieter seat that leads to better communication and improved harmony, 95% of our riders choose this pad.

ThinLinePlus+ is thicker and can be used alone as a basic pad or added underneath the Ultra ThinLine inside the pocket as a shim either to balance the saddle or as a full booster shim package. Once inserted into a pad the shims will last you a lifetime.

Both ThinLinePlus+ and Ultra ThinLine provide shock absorption, weight dispersal and improve saddle fit.

THINLINE+ Plus: Performance Enhancement for HORSES

You want your horse to be happy and comfortable. ThinLine is the most protective pad on the market, it distributes impact, weight and heat quickly, which allows your horse to experience maximum comfort during work and develop confidence and balance.

ThinLine is fantastic for young horses, school horses, intense sport horses and horses with previous back soreness. ThinLinePlus+ is 1/4 inch thick. It is only available in the English basic pads, Western basic pads, or as inserts/shims to alter saddle fit.  You can make any shimmable saddle pad ThinLine Plus thickness by adding a set of Booster Shims.

Therapeutic Benefits for Horses & Riders:

ThinLine saddle pads improve the back health of both horses and riders because the shock absorption works laterally rather than recoiling back into their spines. ThinLine is the only product endorsed by spinal surgeons. In addition, it is sold and endorsed by veterinarians, equine chiropractors, saddle fitters and equine massage therapists’ around the world.

Saddle Fitting & ThinLine Shims

Because we know saddle fit is critical to keeping horses comfortable, every pad (except for the basic version) is shimmable. You can add ThinLinePlus+ or Ultra ThinLine inserts to help adjust saddle fit, you can even stack them!

                                 Front  – for Wither Relief  Rear – lift the cantle  Bridging  –  the sway back.Western Shims- web

Also Available: Full ThinLine Plus Booster Shims allow you to create ThinLine Plus thickness in any saddle pad without altering custom fit.

With our money back guarantee you can see and feel the difference.



2 thoughts on “Why Buy ThinLine?

  1. Amy Fitzgibbon says:

    I’m looking to purchase a half pad for English saddle I need to be able to shim the back of it as my saddle needs a lift. My horse has kissing spine so in not sure which saddle pad would suit best I would be grateful if you can recommend which would be best suited. My own saddle is a good fit bar needing slight lift behind so I don’t want a pad that very think in front please

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