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This boot is lined with genuine sheepskin on the hide for comfort and a great look in the show arena. Especially loved by Dressage horses who overreach or are just learning piaffe or passage and need a little help to make sure they stay safe and sound.


Give your horse relief from pressure with the ThinLine Chin, Poll and Noseband Guard. This Guard will give your horse the ultimate comfort under his noseband or poll. Breathable and easy care.

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ThinLine Bell Boots are made with a strong synthetic outer shell and lined with shock-absorbing ThinLine material, that truly offers impact protection superior to other bell boots.


Simply take your bridle and turn it into a side-pull bitless bridle! Super Soft and supple leather with ThinLine foam padding across pressure points create the most comfortable bitless noseband on the market. Enjoy!


Treat yourself and your horse to the beauty and quality of Diamond Wool combined with the protection and technology of ThinLine!  Riders across all disciplines know and value Diamond Wool for their quality, natural wool saddle pads.


ThinLine Protection Hoof Pads give amazing comfort and protection for your Horses'Hooves. They absorbing impact and easing pressure points. They are great as anti-microbial agents inhibit bacteria growth.


ThinLine Western Cinch. Nonslip Comfort. The ThinLine is so grippy, you can ride without the need for over cinching, giving your horse the comfort he needs to breathe and relax! Enjoy the easy care and durability of this cinch.


Better Than Fleece Halter Cover Kit will prevent rubs or provide extra protection while trailering and your horse will love the soft ThinLine feel. Horse owners adore its cleanliness and durability.  ThinLine stays clean and is designed to outlast your turnout halter.


• Reduces pressure
• No slip / No rub
• Preformed comfort for the horse
Easy to clean and very durable!


Lined with ThinLine
• Full protection
• Keeps tendons and muscles cool
• Easy care

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ThinLine sheepskin and horse tack cleaners are recommended for all ThinLine foam and leather goods. It's also great for cleaning just about everything else! All-natural!


Lined with ThinLine
• Full protection
• Keeps tendons and muscles cool
• Easy care


• Lined with ThinLine
• 360 °protection
• Keeps tendons and muscles cool
• Absorbs energy form hoof impact
• Easy care