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Does your body not feel like it uses to? Don’t let it slow you down. Where you deal with Back Pain, Knee Pain, or even Hand Pain. ThinLine has horse tack to bring riders comfort as well as horses!


We guarantee this rein will not slip even in wet and lathery situations. A favourite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. Trail riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel. The ThinLine English reins are used worldwide for people with sore hands, small hands or arthritis!

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ThinLine Non-slip Antimicrobial Yoga / Exercise Mat is the most revolutionary mat available!  It has an exceptional cushion for hips and knees during floor poses.  To all that it adds non-slip material to keep you centred, providing no tension grip!  And even more!  With antimicrobial additive, it prevents mould and mildew.


Comfort / Antislip / Ultimate connection. Preferred by both horses and riders. This non-slip, breathable, shock-absorbing ThinLine coupled with the great suede look and the waffle-weave backing keeps you stable and happy.  With extraordinary shock absorption for riders and horses, there will be no sore backs after time spent together.


Find out why your horse loves ThinLine and have happier feet. Our shoe insoles are guaranteed to Relieve sore feet, sore backs, knee, ankle and hip pain! Gives you great comfort and beats all other insoles you ever knew!


Experience the ThinLine magic for yourself! ThinLine Seat Saver will have you sitting closer, quieter, and more comfortable than ever. Perfect for riders with back pain, sitting fractures and riders spending many hours in the saddle!


The Right Right Stirrup Wrap™ addresses equestrian knee problems AND offers riders a non-slip, shock-absorbent surface.  Designed by a surgeon and avid rider taking advantage of the ThinLine shock absorbing abilities for rider comfort. You'll enjoy this more than you can imagine!


ThinLine Seat Saver - Sitting bone shims. Relief the pain, and straighten the seat!  With these shims you can shim our seatsavers to straighten the rider in the seat so both sitting bones are used.