ThinLine Saddle pad endorsed by mastersaddlers, osteopaths and veterinarians!

The magic lies in the way ThinLine absorbs shock and allows the rider to truly feel the horses back.

2831 Reviews, Score 4.9

A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise.

7054 Cotton Fitted Dressage Pad

Cordia Pearson, Society Of Master Saddlers, Qualified Saddle Fitter

ThinLine pads are a gift to horses, riders, and saddle fitters!

Aline Bernard, Recreative rider

What can I say except “WAOUW!”   I’ve been struggling with my mare for 9 months because she hated to trot and always gave me a hard time to het her into that gate and guess what?
She now goes into trot without any problem and stays in that gate without me requiring to intervene with a leg on. This is just amazing.

Therese Nordgaard – Veterinær

Love it! Makes a huge difference. No bucking anymore! Great to be able to shim the pads!

Elizabeth Allyn – Recreative rider

I bought this product to help with saddle fit on my sharkfin withered TB. It helped with his saddle fit BUT the most amazing part is it eliminated MY back pain.
I don’t trail ride without this pad anymore!

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ThinLine Top Sellers

From unique saddlepads to our innovative horsetack, some of our top sellers in our range.

ThinLine makes a real difference

Building years on our technology and testing, our mission is to improve your riding pleasure, skill and performance.

Horse Comfort

Improving Horse Movement

The ability to sit and ride the gaits while giving an ultimate close contact feel, and keeps riders back stable.

Pressure mapping

95% shock-absorbing technology


A unique, open-cell technology which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. Result: 95% shock absorption.

ThinLine Dressage Saddle Pad White

Perfectly Shimmable


People change shape. So do horses. All our pads are shimmable to aid the fit whenever is needed. The shims can be cut for a perfect fit.

Keep Your Balance

Motion is reduced by the rider and the horse and rider can work together in unison. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or and FEI Rider.

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Scientifically tested

As endorsed in the book “Rider’s pain-free back“. I’ve never known a horse to have a back problem if he had a well-fitting saddle and a ThinLine saddle pad.

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ThinLine Half Pads

Every saddle pad in our range has the 95% shock-absorption, and comes in different models and likes.


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Anna Ivarssonse
Verified ownerVerified owner

The pad lies completely still, takes no room so my customfitted saddles doesn´t get affected. Both me and my horse is happy. I also like it's a little shorter so it fits snuggly under the saddle without sticking out over the pad underneath . I use it both under my dressage- and jumpingsaddle and i works perfect for both saddles.

8 hours ago
Anna Ivarssonse

Fast delivery! I live in Sweden.

8 hours ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Fantastic product

18 hours ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great halter and easy to use

21 hours ago