Laminitis – Help and hope for horses and their owners


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One million times a year veterinarians are called to homes and barns across the world because a horse has foundered.  We do not need to read the science to know this is one of the most painful experiences a horse can endure. Our worlds are turned upside down!  What can we do to make them better? 

What causes laminitis?

Laminitis is a confronting disease. What is known, is that excessive consumption of highly metabolisable carbohydrates, such as those found in grain or lush grass, is most commonly implicated in cases of laminitis.

What are signs of laminitis?

The characteristic stance of a laminitic horse with both front feet affected is placement of the fore feet in front of the normal position and forward placement of the hind feet in order to shift more weight to the hindlimbs.

What is our goal?

At ThinLine we asked, what can we do to ensure horse Laminitis does not even have a chance to begin?  After surveying our horse friends and fans, everyone is aware; the addition of a grazing muzzle during times of the year when the grass is “hot”. If our horses shift from hard work to rest on the pasture, or they have become a bit “rotund”, the grazing muzzle can ensure our horses will not need to suffer this tragic experience.

So why don’t we do it? 

Why don’t we just use this simple prophylactic measure?  The answer was simple, horses so severely dislike the muzzles we use.  Old fashioned muzzles are like putting horses’ mouths into a cage. And we all know, horses use their mouths to play and to communicate and to care for each other.  We don’t think it is really the annoyance of the grass reduction that makes them run away from the hot, heavy cumbersome devices.

So we set out to change that.  After several years of work, we developed a muzzle which is more like wearing a glove than a muzzle. Horses are able to play and live in the herd while staying safe from laminitis or any of the insulin diseases which often lead to founder.

Help us to share the news

Hot grass? Use a grazing muzzle for a few weeks.  Chubby pony? Grazing muzzle.  Ours or another company, we don’t care, we absolutely want the 1 million horses a year who suffer this terrible condition to be reduced to zero!

ThinLine Flexible Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle ✓ Flexible and Lightweight
✓ Gentle on skin, teeth and lips!
✓ UV Protection
✓ Adjustability
✓ Durability Guarantee 

ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle

ThinLine Hoof Pads:  This simple product can greatly reduce the severe hoof pain. Simply duct tape a set to the bottom of your horses’ hooves or place in a hoof boot.



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