ThinLine Introduces a Revolutionary New Design for Bell Boots


“The Velcro always tears or the plastic does. So, I end up buying new ones every few weeks.” – Hannah

 “Pull-on boots don’t fit my boy right, and with the Velcro ones, the Velcro falls off too quickly.” – Trysha

“I HATE pull on boots; they seem to leave rubs and are a pain to take on and off.” – April

Horse owners and trainers spoke, and we listened. We spent the last four years developing a bell boot that would address the problems commonly found with the current choices on the market. Introducing GatorBootz, an entirely new take on bell boots for horses.

“ThinLine has always been about caring for horses and riders,” said Elaine Lockhead-Castelao. “Not only do we want the horses to be safe and sound, but we also want riders to be able to focus on what matters most — a relaxed stress-free ride. Bell boots are at the top of the list for tack that continually fails and constantly needs replacing. So we said, ‘How can we help riders reduce their losses and create a boot they can keep?’ This is why we redesigned the bell boot.”

Bell Boots Built Tough to ThinLine’s Standards of Quality

True to their name, GatorBootz are tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday turnout and hard training, while being gentle enough not to cause rubbing. Redesigned from the ground up, the one-piece polymer design offers unmatched durability and protection for your horse.

Gatorbootz have a patented latch system that is easily opened by humans but not by horses. The easy on/off fastener makes fumbling around putting on or removing boots a thing of the past.

_MG_0132 Story Board BBell Boots That Are Easy to Adjust

GatorBootz have an adjustable neck for a better fit no matter the size of the horse. That, combined with the no-rub collar, reduces the risk of chafing pasterns common in other bell boots. GatorBootz are specially balanced to keep the buckle at the heel, which provides maximum protection from overreaching and keeps the boot from turning.

Gatorbootz come in two sizes: Size 1 (fits Size 1 shoe and smaller), and Size 2 (fits Size 2 shoe and larger). The variable latch and unique design accommodate nearly every ankle size; you can fit this boot on just about any horse.  Size two is large enough and long enough to protect from shoe pulling.  For riding, we suggest you choose the small size unless your horse is truly an extra-large.

Bell Boots Perfect for Any Use

The Gatorbootz’s lightweight design makes them perfect for any use. The specially designed polymer construction means they won’t retain moisture, which is perfect for turnout in wet weather or working in soggy conditions. It also makes cleanup a snap by simply hosing the boots off. Best of all, the
left and right boots are symmetrical, which means if you were to lose one, you won’t have to buy a completely new pair. You can just purchase a single boot.

Gatorbootz and 4015
Pictured: Small Boot on a size Two shoe (hoof). Preferred for jumping on Quincy ridden by Fernando Cardenas. He purchases a Large for turnout.
Small Gator Bootz on a size 1 Shoe
Small Gator Bootz on a size 1 Shoe


The Gatorbootz’s unique patented latching system makes it easy to release the boot with just two fingers. Simply hold the top of the boot in your left hand, buckle facing you, pull down and out with your right hand. The zip tongue needs to pull down at a 45-degree angle — easy for you, not for your horse.

Environmental Benefit

Gatorbootz are built to last, meaning there will be a positive effect to the environment due to their durability. What if we could reduce the number of bell boots thrown away by 75%?

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