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  1. Easy to order and quick delivery

  2. Fits well and looks more comfortable

  3. I was confused on sizes but this is a sturdy head collar. Unfortunately I ordered wring size and it’s lengthy sending back and receiving new one

  4. Best grazer I have found

  5. Delivery took a while but I think more due to the delivery company. Custom service takes a couple of days to reply.

  6. Thinline were excellent, took almost 2 weeks to arrive but I think that was the fault of UPS as I could track the product and it was sat in their warehouse for a long time!

  7. Stops any rubbing when used with the flexible filly muzzle and is very safe to leave on in the field as has a leather head piece which would snap if neew.ear thisup this upwards thisup ded. Pony very happy to wear this combination

  8. Great pad, just need a British stockist to avoid ridiculous import tax.

  9. Looks and feels good quality

  10. Great product but took a while to get here

  11. I purchased this luxurious half pad for my new ex racer on recommendation from the charity I got him from the British Thoroughbred Rehoming Centre, they look after their horses so well and get them ready for new careers. I wanted to give my boy the best start and purchased this lovely pad, he absolutely loves it as do I. He’s going so happily and has transitioned into his new home with a new rider and saddle etc beautifully. I thoroughly recommend my ThinLine pad.worth the money to have a relaxed and happy horse.

  12. Delivery very prompt.

  13. Muzzle much more substantial than expected, seems to be working very well, Pony not distressed nor discomforted. Thank you.

  14. First time with this, had a grazing muzzle before. THis looks far more comfortable than fitting to a standard headcollar as I have previously

  15. I received my grazing muzzle and halter after a short time. I have used the grazing muzzle on my cob before, but elected to purchase the halter as well. I love the fact that the muzzle is so comfortable and does not cause any rub marks. Other muzzles have been strongly resisted, but my cob is happy to wear it, proving that ir must be comfortable. My pony has EMS and so has to wear a muzzle frequently in the Spring and Summer. Thankyou, Jackie

  16. Easy to order and speedy delivery

  17. Love the thinline ultra, and the meshbinnyhe middle is brilliant. It seems to make my horse more willing to let go and work through his back earlier in our training sessions. He tends to get tight behind the saddle and time will tell if that is reduced. I like the flexibility of this pad for use with different numnahs rather than integrated versions. My feedback would be that the medium is a very close fit on my Fairfax Gareth dressage saddle (it only just fits under the whole saddle and doesn’t reach to the bottom of the bearing surface) and is too short front to back on my ideal gazelle jump saddle (both 17.5″) so while it looks very neat, I wonder if the large would have been a better option. I will probably buy another and switch the medium to use on another, shorter backed horse!

  18. A very quick delivery with good quality products

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