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Shims for all Saddle Pads

Shims for all Saddle Pads – We all understand that horses can change their shape monthly, so take advantage of our tools to help accommodate for developing horses, rehab horses, or when riding multiple horses in the same saddle.

Whether it is a minor adjustment in the lift, balance, filling in one shoulder more than the other, fixing a bridging problem, or just controlling saddle slip, there is a ThinLine solution for your saddle fitting needs.

Using our pads and layers (made of the same amazing material as our pads) have been designed by master saddlers for English and Western Saddles. Every pad on our site, except our basic pad, has a pocket for shimming to create the perfect saddle fit.

Why Shims?

Shims for Saddle Pads can provide solutions for:

  • Professionals who ride many horses
  • High Wither or High Crouped horses
  • Riding schools or camps where there are a limited number of saddles
  • Horses seasonal changes in your horse’s shape
Any time you use a shim to correct or alter a fit, be sure to check and recheck your saddle and shims regularly. If you are using the shim to correct a saddle fit problem, the horse’s muscles should recover, and will, therefore, change shape again.” –The Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit book by Joyce Harman, DVM MRCVS