Keep your horse safe from sugar this fall!

safe from sugar this fall

Did you know that fall grass can be equally
as dangerous as spring?

As horse owners, we always are keeping our equine’s best interest at the top of our minds. In the spring, we make sure we gradually introduce our horses to lush, fresh, spring pasture after a winter of mud, rain, or snow. But often forgotten, it’s important to keep your horse safe from sugar also in fall! 

After a few weeks, our horses are enjoying the warm breeze, tasty grass, and sun on their backs. However, as summer begins to fade, don’t let grazed-down pastures and sunburned grass fool you! Did you know that fall grass can be equally as dangerous as spring? These conditions can still have radical effects on susceptible horses. 

Fructan is the sugar in grass that triggers laminitis.

During times of stress, such as drought or changes in temperature, fructan production skyrockets in the grass. Additionally, new growth with the return of fall moisture, in conjunction with lower nighttime temperatures, can create conditions where fructan levels rise. Fructan is the sugar in grass that triggers laminitis. It’s critical to remember that the type of grass doesn’t have as much to do with fructan levels as the growing conditions.

Studies have shown that horses with metabolic issues, like cushings disease, insulin resistance, or are “easy keepers” can benefit from using a muzzle to decrease the amount of sugary grass that is consumed. By doing this, these horses are at a much lower risk of developing laminitis and other preventable problems. Take this time to look critically at each horse’s body condition and talk to your veterinarian about feed changes as needed, too. It’s very important to keep your horse safe from sugar!

We know what you’re thinking, ”my horse hates muzzles, I don’t want to use one”, “my horse just takes it off”, or “they are bulky, unsafe, and my horse won’t drink when wearing one”. At ThinLine, we designed a muzzle with horse health and happiness at the forefront of its development.  But we helped to find a solution!

We know what you’re thinking!

The Flexible Filly Muzzle is softer, safer, and features a smarter design than cage-like apparatuses of the past. The flexible material encourages your horse to behave naturally, resulting in an all-around healthier horse.

The construction using a durable and pliable material radically improves the horses’ feel, while also maintaining effectiveness.  It’s soft and gentle on teeth and lips, so your horse will forget it’s even on. The Flexible Filly Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your turnout halter. Additionally, the grazing hole size is adjustable, allowing you to offer the perfect grazing options.

It can be used with your horse’s current halter, or could be paired with our specially designed halter and halter liners for a perfect fit!   Caring for this muzzle is super simple. You can place the muzzle in a net washing bag, and machine wash with cold water, detergent, and bleach. 

Or, just toss it in a bucket with soap, bleach, and water then give it a scrub with a brush.

Seems too good to be true?

It’s not! We researched equine behaviour to learn why other muzzles don’t do the trick so we could create a simple solution for safer grazing. Horses are still able to groom each other while wearing this muzzle, scratch themselves, and behave the way nature intended, like horses! Protect your horse this fall and talk to your veterinarian about grazing practices and management.  

Read the reviews from happy horse owners, learn how to select the proper size, and see more at:

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  1. Nicola Beswick says:

    I bought this muzzle and even tho we had a issue with fit because she’s in-between sizes once I got it right this muzzle as been amazing for my mare ..I don’t like to muzzle but as far as muzzles go this is the kindest I’ve found and I don’t feel bad muzzling her anymore. Also the fact you can clean it every time you use it so the next day I put it on her its never full of dried grass and mud like the bucket material muzzles are

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