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Recently we asked our Facebook Fans to send in any questions they may have about ThinLine. Here is a complied list of some of the questions we received:

  What is the Difference between Ultra ThinLine and ThinLine?
  • Ultra ThinLine reduces rider movement improving equitation and developing harmony between horse and rider, so riding aids can be lighter and more effective.
  • ThinLine provides more impact protection than any other saddle pad on the market without losing communication with your horse. It eliminates “loud and sudden noises of the seat” while retaining communication in quiet moments.
Okay with that being said, the only real difference between ThinLine and Ultra ThinLine is thickness. (ThinLine is 1/4″ thick and Ultra ThinLine is 3/16″ thick [thinner]). But, because of the technology behind ThinLine the change in thickness makes these two pads ride and perform differently. So which one would we recommend for you? We recommend ThinLine to green horses and riders, horses with chronic back pain, older horses, and horses participating in high impact activities such as eventing or stadium jumping. Ultra ThinLine is recommended for more experienced riders and horses, including Dressage riders that ride above second level, riders with sore backs, and horses that participate in lower impact activities. Read more about the differences between ThinLine vs. Ultra ThinLine here. 

Which ThinLine Shims should I purchase for my saddle pad? 

Each ThinLine Shimmable Saddle Pad has shims that are made specifically for the pad. Shims are labeled with the same product number as the pad they are made for. For example the Trifecta Cotton Half Pad – # 7305 matches the Inserts for Trifecta Cotton Half Pad – #7305INSERTS There are three different types of shims Front, Bridging (middle), and Rear. In either ThinLine (1/4″ Thick) or Ultra ThinLine (3/16″ Thick). If needed, Shims can be stacked on top of each other for added Thickness. We recommend you please consult with your saddle fitter before using ThinLine Shims. 

How do I clean my ThinLine products? 

We recommend that you use ThinLine Wipes or Spray Cleaner to clean all ThinLine products. These products have been thoroughly tested on the ThinLine foam and leather goods so it is strongly recommended to use these products for care of your ThinLine reins, girths, bridles, and halters and other leather goods to ensure durability and warranty coverage. For more information about further care instructions for taking care of Sheepskin and Cotton based ThinLine products please consult our Care Instructions Page for full care instructions. 

Do I have to use my ThinLine pad with another pad? 

Yes and No. We recommend that for all basic ThinLine and Ultra ThinLine pads that you ride with another pad underneath your basic pad, such as a baby pad or a cotton based pad. Saddle pads with the ThinLine or Ultra ThinLine built into the pad, for example the Cotton Comfort Pads and Squares, do not need to have another pad underneath. These pads are fine to use as is.

Do I use my Basic ThinLine Pad on top or underneath a saddle pad? 

When using your basic pad (ThinLine or Ultra ThinLine) always place the basic pad on top of the additional saddle pad you are using. Final Question of the day. . . 

Are ThinLine Boots sold in pairs? How about Shims and Stirrup Wraps? 

Yes, Yes, and Yes! All ThinLine Boots are sold in pairs of a left and right boot. Shims and Stirrup Wraps are also sold in pairs.  

That wraps up the FAQ-Ask the Expert Blog of the week. If you have any additional questions about any ThinLine or Ultra ThinLine products feel free to send us an email at info@thinlineglobal.com or call us at 888.401.9101

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