Western Cotton Liner Pad – Customer Review by Julie O’Brien

After viewing a review of the Western Thinline Cotton Liner pad on The Truth Tack Review on Facebook, I knew I had to try it. My 10 year-old AQHA mare, Tangaray, has allergies and the wool pad I was using made her itch. Plus, she tends to not use her body correctly and turn more on her front end. I purchased her four years ago & this was her running style. Thus, resulting in chiropractor adjustments several times a year. I myself have disk degeneration in my lower back, suffer from daily back pain and see a chiropractor myself.

The review for this pad demonstrated less force to your horses back and less recoil (bounce back) for the rider. You could also add shims, which is sometimes necessary for proper saddle fit. Being cotton is non-allergenic, I knew I had to try it! Plus, being able to feel your horse was an added bonus.


My first barrel race of the season just came and went with amazing results! It was in Williamstown, Kentucky, at Cowtown Arena. We ran a whole second faster than we had previously ran at this arena. We placed 1st in the 2nd division and received a nice paycheck. This “time” was exactly a half of a second off of the winning time and my mare isn’t even in tip top shape yet!

Tangaray ran totally different than she normally does. She was using her body more correctly. She used more of her rear instead of pulling with her front. She seemed to be more “freed up”. She also did not itch in the Thinline pad.

As an added bonus, my back pain was so much better that I couldn’t believe it. I could actually get out of bed the next morning and walk upright. I noticed while posting at a trot that I was not wincing with back pain. Then was amazed when I ran that I stayed more seated and not projected out of the saddle coming out of the barrels. I could feel her more, and she could feel my cues better.
This was our first show of the season. I can not wait for more! I am so excited for The Royale in Cloverdale, Indiana, in two weeks. We have been pre-entered for three months and will be running against 600 tough horses. Let the season begin in my new Thinline Pad!


Julie O’Brien

Julie O’Brien is a 44-year-old who resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she is the owner of O’Brien’s Taxidermy. She has competed in barrel racing events since she was 8 and has competed in Gymkhanas, NBHA, AQHA, and the AQHA All American Quarter Horse Congress.

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