The ThinLine Ride: Ultra ThinLine or ThinLine Plus?

The ThinLine Ride: Ultra ThinLine or ThinLine Plus?  Technology aside, what are the differences in feel for the horse and me?

ThinLine Plus is thicker. It provides more protection for the horses back.  For those who do not ride with a whisper seat; trail riding, stock horses, fox hunting, polo would be good examples.  ThinLine is number one for the care of the horses back.  Too, horses with sore backs should absolutely go in a ThinLine. If you have frequent, sudden impact you should select ThinLine.  Also great for beginner riders and young horses in training.

ThinLine or Ultra ThinLineUltra ThinLine is the thinnest.  It is designed to protect both horse and rider backs by eliciting a soft, quiet, elastic connection.   If you are an effective rider you will greatly appreciate Ultra ThinLine.  This product reduces so much rider movement horses can balance and focus.  It does not amplify the seat, it reduces extraneous “noise” so the rider’s seat aids are clear. It is akin to removing background noise.

The Riders Back: riding for a lifetime can take its toll on a riders spine.  Ultra ThinLine can drastically improve the health of the rider’s spine over time.  Riders who choose Ultra ThinLine are spending many hours in full contact with their seats and they need a shock absorber to stay healthy.  Horses backs benefit from quieter riders. Ultra ThinLine is endorsed by spinal surgeons for riders.

The Horses’ Back: ThinLine Plus is endorsed by Veterinarians as a preventative care product and is often “prescribed” for many back soreness issues including Kissing Spine Disease.

How Do I get ThinLine Plus Or Ultra ThinLine on a saddle pad?
  • Our Basic Pads (a sheet of ThinLine Foam you place over your current blanket) you may choose either thickness in English or Western Cuts.
  • When you see ThinLine sewn on a fabric it is Ultra ThinLine.  All of our pads (except the basic pads) have a pocket for shimming.  You may create the ThinLine Plus thickness for your horse simply by adding a ThinLine Plus Booster Shim to ANY Saddle Pad.

Basic ThinLine Western Pads





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