What is the Best Saddle Pad Blanket for Your Horse

What is the Best Saddle Pad Blanket for your horse?
How would you answer the question?

Does your saddle pad give you so much comfort, fit and shock absorption both you and your horse work better and happier? 

Young Horse with a Happy Back
Young Horse with a Happy Back

Riders purchase saddle pads to attempt to solve several problems at once: moisture control (breathability), saddle fit, and most importantly shock absorption. The biggest question to ask yourself, Can my horse and I feel a difference with this pad? If not you should try a ThinLine which has a money back guarantee your horse will go better, you will sit more comfortably and your saddle will fit better.

Western Trainer Ed Dabney riding in a ThinLine Sheepskin Comfort Western Square

7305-W Cotton Trifecta Half Pad White7415-N Trifecta w sheepskin Natural7334-P-M
Pictured Above the Trifecta Cotton Half Pad, the Trifecta Cotton Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls, and the Pro-Tech Square Felt Pad

Saddle pad sales are made in a static environment. The sales information in the store often has little to nothing to do with the dynamics of horses and riders in motion.
A runner is like a horse in work. He wants just enough shock absorption to protect his joints, tendons, and muscles but wants to ensure there is no rebound or unpredictable movement.

Imagine the horse stepping on a series of saddle pads:
Memory Foam: His weight compresses the foam then it bottoms out, providing no shock absorption, jarring on the hard surface.
Closed cell foam such as Neoprene or lift pads: he moves onto it and it in turn springs him into the air compromising balance (the trampoline effect).
Gel pad:  he feels none of the texture of the road and it creates a shearing effect (unwanted movement).

We as riders are trying to stay softly connected to our horses.

Now imagine adding 2 inches of product to the bottom of your saddle pad. The foam or gel will give and pitch with every step. The saddle will roll front, back and left, right giving the horse such an unstable feel he will most likely give up working in the search for safety. Unknowingly, this is what we do to our horses as we add thick layers of padding under our saddles. We create what is defined as pitch and yaw. But we have been doing it for a hundred years.

Think for a moment about marathon running shoe insoles. It is designed for athletes in motion. It is thin, breathable and absorbs impact rapidly without added bulk. It keeps the runners foot stable an he knows the feel of the next stop will be just like the last. He can move forward with strength and confidence. This is ThinLine. Finally consider saddle fit. Just like shoe fit you need to order a shoe size large enough to accommodate an insole. The insole should distribute shock weight and heat. It should be no slip and no sheer to eliminate blistering or chafing. It should relieve pressure or high impact points. Very few insoles meet these requirements and only one saddle pad makes its way from the runner to the horse.
About a decade ago a worker in a shoe insole company took home a piece of marathon running material and gave it to his wife, a rider. The3 shoe insole company had developed a very low profile, breathable, shock absorbing, anti-fungal and anti-microbial insole. Oddly enough, the same features of an insole are also the same feature sought by riders in a saddle pad. Join the new age; try a ThinLine, your horse will thank you!

All ThinLine endorsements are unpaid and the chat room logs read like advertisements.

In 2002 ThinLine began designing new products. The shoe insole material answered 90% of the desires of the equestrian, except that it did not wick moisture so ThinLine, always ridden over another thin pad, was couple with cotton, sheepskin, and felt. Now there is a saddle pad that finally does what riders have been seeking for decades.

It solves every saddle pad requirement regardless of breed or discipline and has no drawbacks. We are all searching for the same thing:
-A pad that augments SADDLE FIT (ThinLine is endorsed and vended by 95% of the UK master saddlers in the USA)
-A pad that BREATHES (ThinLine is ridden by the top endurance riders passing countless vet checks)
-A pad that STABILIZES the rider position (something no other product has ever achieved and is there for endorse by spinal surgeons for riders with sore backs and endorsed by riding programs across the globe for helping riders to sit more quietly giving their horses the trust and confidence to work with their backs up.)
-A pad that ABSORBS more shock than any other product on the market (it absorbs so much shock and equally distributes so much weight it is vended and endorsed by Veterinarians, equine chiropractors and equine massage therapists for horses with sore or sensitive backs.)

Even with unpaid endorsements from most of the Olympic show jumping and dressage teams the real testament to the product is the way it makes every horse move better and every rider sit better.
At the end of the day we are all just looking for one thing: a saddle pad that both the horse and rider can feel creates a great difference in comfort and contact. A saddle pad that maximizes the communication between us and them and increases the comfort and confidence of both horse and rider.
That product is here.

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What is the Best Saddle Pad Blanket for Your Horse

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