Horse Reins: Rubber Grip Equals Better Contact

Horse Reins: Rubber Grip Better Contact

A good seat and legs are critical to drive the horse yet it is our hands that receive the engagement. If hands or arm muscles are tight, a horse cannot be soft in the mouth, neck or poll.  ThinLine reins are designed to allow relaxation.  Reins should be soft to hold and completely non-slip even in wet or lathery conditions. When riders are soft, the horses are soft and the harmony is beautiful to see.english reins stops

What Sets ThinLine Reins Apart From Competitors?  

The Feel, The Harmony.

  • One of the amazing features, besides the softness and grip, is that the rein is easy to adjust (but it’s not so grippy you can not easily move your hand).  Everyone who tries it thinks it is the perfect rein. And they say their horses agree. As with our saddle pads, the ThinLine rein has also been through much testing of riders with arthritic hands. 100% of subjects found the rein to make a huge difference in their comfort level and ability to hold the rein with a relaxed, steady, even contact.
  • The magic is that while we work with riders with severe issues (such as arthritic hands) and solve those issues all riders are astonished by how much the reins benefit contact.
  • For a simple illustration, pick up a ball and squeeze it. Bio-mechanics forces you to not only grip with your hand but also tense the forearm, triceps and shoulder muscles. Now imagine closing your hand gently. Not only are your muscles relaxed, but the feedback is more profound: you can feel the horses relaxation or tension through your relaxed hand.  This is the magic of  Thin Line Reins.

ThinLine 48, 54 or 60″ Reins


Barrel Racing Rein

  “Fernando Cardenis Jr.rubber reins

 Top USA Amateur Jumper  Rider and Equine Veterinarian –  “I saw this rein just before entering a jump off.  I NEVER change tack in such a situation, but the rein felt so amazing I put it on my bridle and went into the ring.  After that first ride, I have never used another rein and recommend it to all my friends and fellow jumpers.”

  Kim Gentry  

 Grand Prix rider & USDF Certified Instructor – “I first discovered the ThinLine reins at last year’s Young Horse championships. I was looking for a pair of reins that had a little more grip especially when they were wet. One of the vendors suggested the ThinLine reins to me. I bought a pair and the next day went back and bought another pair! I was so impressed with how easy the reins were to grip and didn’t slip out of my hands. In addition, they are really nice and soft but they don’t take away any of the communication with the horse. I now have them on all of my bridles, including double bridles, and ride all of my horses from young horses up to Grand Prix with the ThinLine reins. Several of my clients have purchased the ThinLine reins as they have found that they are ideal.

Horse Reins Rubber Grip Better Contact

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