Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story

Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story

 By Dressage Daily– December 15, 2015–Elaine Lockhead Castelao was a single mother standing in the grocery store line when she noticed the woman in front of her wearing an embroidered horse jacket. They began chatting and Castelao learned that the woman was the first to try to make a horse saddle pad incorporating specially designed, open-cell foam like that installed to absorb shock in the insoles of running shoes.

Also an equestrian, Castelao recognized the foam’s potential to improve performance and reduce discomfort for both horses and riders. An entrepreneur was born. 

 “I think that what makes ThinLine® so different is it really is a different product,” Castelao explained. “We’re different not only in what we deliver, we’re different because the universe brought this to someone who cared about making a difference.

It was a long and tough journey to take a piece of foam and create a product line.Hutch1

The intention is the belief that you can do something to make a difference, no matter how small. That’s what it’s about.”

 The journey from spending the first year cutting saddle pads on her hands and knees in a rented barn to developing more products was also a serendipitous one. Castelao had a horse that had been abused and when she bought the gelding, he had massive, open girth galls.

 “When you get a horse like that, the pain of abuse never goes away,” she said. “You do everything you can to make that animal feel safe and comfortable.”

 She decided to cut a piece of the saddle pad foam to envelop the horse’s girth.

 “When I put the foam on the girth, he was so much more comfortable, his fear went away and that was what really brought me to putting more products on the market,” she said. “I realized I had something that is a vehicle for comfort, happiness and harmony. It’s out there because the intention was that I had something in my hands that could actually help horses and people’s lives.”

 Today, ThinLine® offers a unique collection of equestrian products that incorporate shock absorbing health benefits coupled with comfort for a quieter, closer connection between the horse and ride. The technology distributes impact, weight and heat so quickly the horse become more comfortable during work. The integrity and softness of the materials allow the products to flex and stretch for maximum protection while relieving pressure, impact and slippage.

 ThinLine® technology transfers recoil off the horse’s back laterally rather than up toward the base of the rider’s spine. This unique feature keeps both the horse and the rider’s backs healthy.

 Castelao said that a variety of professionals from veterinarians to spinal surgeons, equine chiropractors to saddle fitters, and equine massage therapists to top trainers recommend ThinLine® for their patients and clients. The company offers a wide range of products including saddle pads for every riding discipline.  Other unique products include bridles, reins, girths, cinches and halters as well as stirrup wraps and shoe insoles for human joint protection.

 “When it is just about being with your horse, keep him comfortable and he will return the favor,” Castelao said  “ThinLine® is a vehicle for comfort, happiness and harmony.“

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